We offer, to the participating advertising business public, a service which they may participate in, if they so wish, to create awareness of their individual products and their services to allow the participating advertising business the means to grow and expand their individual business and allowing their personal and business revenue to flourish.


We offer no gimmicks or secret clauses that may entrap the advertiser, and/or, the potential advertiser with hidden conditions upon which may inhibit the advertiser from profitably conducting their business.


We offer a service upon which a potential advertiser may list and advertise their products, and/or, their services in a professional manner with a transparent website as pussygalores.com.au offers.


We have no lock in contracts for the advertisers to enter into and all information that is made available to us is in the most  strictest of confidentiality.


At no time do we make available, or supply to, any entity what-so-ever, any person/s or advertisers information supplied  to us in good faith.


We offer a service which the advertiser may withdraw from at any time with out penalty.


We have conducted extensive investigation and research into virtually all other similar websites and have ascertained that not only do we have a better website than all the other sites on the internet, a lot of the credit going to our website designers and our graphic artist, but we are the lowest priced website opportunity of it’s kind, and at the same time offering a better product and service to the advertiser and upon which the website it’s self is simple and easy to navigate.


The advertiser, for the small weekly fee of $4.50 (Incl. GST), receives an attractive advertisement for their product and/or service, plus, a full page webpage in which they can, in there ouw words, photos and graphics, promote their individual product and/or service.


They also receive personal access to an automated return email template that the visitor (Customer/client) may respond to their advertisement and/or to their full page profile website page.


The advertiser also has registered on their personal web page an automatic highperlink so as the visitor may click and be redirected to the advertiser’s personal and/or business dedicated website.


This is at no cost to the advertiser.


The advertiser may create advertisements and full page website pages to appear in  three separate categories and three separate regions for the one inclusive  low price of only $4.50 per week (Incl.GST) A total of up to nine separate advertisements and web pages.


The advertiser is billed monthly in arrears, this means that the advertiser has received a full months advertising before we bill them so there is no exposure to a financial institution that we are connected with.


This also gives the advertiser greater security and peace of mind.


There are no penalties imposed on the advertiser if the advertiser should decide to with draw from participating with pussygalores.com.au after the first month and decides to cancel their advertisements.


Unlike most of the other similar websites on the internet that charge the advertiser a huge up front fee that is to cover 12 months advertising in advance.


pussygalores.com.au understands the perceived concerns that an advertiser or businesses may have with regards to this method and therefore only charges advertisers for their advertisement and web page appearing on the website in arrears.


This is not only good for the business advertiser, but also renders us great credibility in the market place.


Not only do we not charge advertising fees up front but we only charge a once only set up cost to assist in the layout and formatting of their advertisement and the layout and formatting of their personal website page.


In addition to this if the advertiser decides not to continue with their advertisement and decides to cancel their advertisement with-in the first 30 days the $20.00 set up and art work cost is returned to the advertiser in full, on written request.